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A Phylosophy that comes from afar...

Are all cosmetics the same? No.
A simple consideration made fifty years ago gave birth to a line of "different" products that really helps in developing beauty. How? With cosmetics that contains many more active ingredients and fewer preservatives. This is how Di Luca Milano was born. A philosophy based on:

1 Fifty years of experience starting with the opening of the historic beauty salon in the centre of Milan
2 The quality of the raw ingredients chosen as being the best on the market
3 Intense research and development that allows our products, even those created forty years ago, to always be on the cutting edge

4 Fewer preservatives and deliberately limited production runs in order to be able to offer products that are always fresh
5 "On the ground" improvement of our salon thanks to the cooperation of our loyal customers

6 A 360° commitment with product lines for hair, face and body as well as accessories
7 A genuine "Made in Italy" approach as all of our products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy

Tous les Best-Seller

Biotam Hair Ampoules 8x10 ml
Hyaluronic Acid Facial Gel 30 ml
Horn Hair Brush