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General introduction
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Disclaimer on the contents of this site
This site is the property of Dilfam s.r.l., registered office Viale Murillo 48, Milan, which operates it reserving the right, with full power of discretion within the limits of the law, to modify, suspend or cancel, freely and without notice, the terms, conditions or contents of this site. Dilfam s.r.l publishes the usual material on the site for the purposes of information. The company therefore does not guarantee that the contents in the site can be suitable for any particular purpose and/or use by users and does not answer for any damage or loss of earnings deriving from the use of the information on the site by users.

Disclaimer on the access and use of the contents of this site
Dilfam s.r.l ensures that this site has been configured and as far as possible will be run applying every reasonable technique and instrument suitable to guarantee correct and continuous operation of the same. However, also in relation to the current state of knowledge and technique, Dilfam s.r.l. cannot exclude that there may occasionally occur malfunctioning and/or defects of transmission.
As a consequence, entering the site, the User accepts the following:
a) the site or parts of it may be temporarily inaccessible due to malfunctioning and/or defects of connection or events outside the control of Dilfam s.r.l.
b) Dilfam s.r.l., save where this may be specified, has no control over the nature or the content of the information of the programs transmitted or received by the User using the site, nor does it examine in any way the conditions of use of the site;
c) Dilfam s.r.l. is not responsible for the material used and/or the conduct of the Users during navigation of the site;
d) Dilfam s.r.l. assumes no responsibility relative to the transmission to the User's computer of any viruses and contents that may in any way be damaging originated by third parties.
By accessing the site, the User undertakes:
a) not to use the site or the material included in it to pursue illegal purposes or as an instrument to divulge or disseminate in any way material or contents that are prearranged for committing illegal activities;
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e) not to use the site to transmit material for advertising and/or promotional purposes without the permission in writing of Dilfam s.r.l.

Rules relative to the creation of links to the site and/or to other sites of third parties
Users and third parties may not create links to this site without the prior approval in writing of Dilfam s.r.l.. In any case, the company reserves the right to ask for links to this site to be removed at any time. This site may contain links to external sites owned by third parties. The aforementioned third party sites, accessible by the User by activating the link and leaving this site, are not under the control of Dilfam s.r.l.. which, therefore, is not responsible for the contents in the aforementioned sites nor may it in any way guarantee their correct functioning.
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Privacy Policy
The Personal Data of the Users acquired by Dilfam s.r.l. through the site will be processed in full respect of the current laws and in particular Legislative Decree no. 196/2003. It is agreed that the User, each time Dilfam s.r.l proceeds with the collection of Personal Data through the site, will be invited to examine the policy under art. 13 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, which will if necessary be provided by the data controller and to give his/her necessary consent for treatment.

Copyright, Trademarks and protection of Copyright
The company owning the material published on this site is Dilfam srl.
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Save the limits contemplated by the current laws and regulations, the reproduction, including only partial of the site and/or of its contents with any means, technique and/or instrument is explicitly prohibited without the prior written consent of Dilfam s.r.l. Requests for consent may be addressed to the following e-mail
Partial quotations are consented for news, criticism or review, on condition that they are accompanied by the name of the author and by the indication of the source "Dilfam" and the name of the domain:
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